Apus RS

The APUS RS is a mini wing with a range of sizes that allows you the ability to go for a wing that will soar and give you extended thermal flights through to XC vol biv flying. This really is an exceptional wing in a small package.

The APUS RS is quite possibly our most versatile wing, with a broad range of activities and flight types at your finger tips. Mini wings have been around for a while now, but the APUS RS with it's RAST technology sits right at the top of the heap. For its size, this wing really packs a punch.

Catering for the complete spectrum of pilot ability and depending on its size and version, the APUS RS is ideal as a wing to extend your flying hours. This wing is right at home dynamic soaring in winds that are too strong to use a normal sized paraglider, while also being just as efficient for your adventure hike and fly trips.

The APUS RS has a very small pack size and weight, which means it will fit right into your luggage. The Hike version has been made from 27g material on both the upper and lower sails, and fitted with soft links on the risers for an even more slimeline and lightweight pack size. The RAST system ensures easy, safe and smooth take offs even on steep terrain or in stronger winds, while helping to keep the wing secure in turbulent air.

With a size range from 14 to 23, the APUS RS and APUS RS Hike open up a whole new area of flying to the enthusiastic, fun loving paraglider pilot. Check out the table below for flight characteristics and wing size, depending on pilot weight and pick your perfect APUS RS now.

Apus RS Specifications