Twin RS

For the first time the RAST system is being used for a tandem glider. This has made it possible for our R&D team to utilise the advantages of a larger surface area, and there are marked improvements when it comes to launch behaviour, speed, stability and handling.

The TWIN RS looks a beautiful wing and has matched flying characteristics. This wing is a real treat to fly, from the easy take offs, through thermalling and transitions down to the landing field, it really does perform in the best ways possible.

Take offs are ridiculously easy with the RAST system, which is always a bonus when you have a passenger. Once in the air you will find it has great feedback and impressive thermalling abilities. The trimmers allow for an amazing turn of speed should you require it, and due to the RAST system it has an incredible amount of stability and safety when in big air. Big ears come in nicely, and using the 'Big ears system' allows a fatigue free descent should you need it.

With abrasion resistant honeycomb patches to help protect the leading edge from wear and tear, lightweight construction, 'Big ears system', 4 line technology for better control in the air, brake pleating on the trailing edge for more precise turning and 3D leading edge shaping, this is a glider that will cope with the demanding world of the professional tandem business, as well as recreational use.

Twin RS Specifications