Nyos RS

The NYOS RS was born out of the original NYOS, a good glider and a step up from what had come before. The NYOS RS however, is more of a leap up over the old NYOS. It is a phenomenal glider, with amazing passive safety and stability that is a real pleasure to fly.

The NYOS RS is a top of its class B rated wing. Designed for the experienced intermediate pilot, the experienced pilot that flies recreationally or the budding XC pilot, the NYOS RS has all that is needed to deliver. It has unrivalled safety and outstanding performance which makes it a real pleasure to fly.

As with all RAST wings, its take off charecteristics are incredibly easy and intuitive in all conditions. Feedback in the air is direct, and its handling sharp and precise. This is an incredible wing for a high end B, giving you everything you want from the class but with incredible security and passive safety, especially in thermic air.

Along with outstanding performance, there is a host of new technologies and materials as well. New fabric, nitinol rods for the cell openings, a C bridge for control and steering when on bar, and lightweight internal construction. The list goes on. This is a wing that needs to be flown to be appreciated, get a test flight as soon as you can.

Nyos RS Specifications