If you are wanting to turn the dream of flying into a reality, then the Mito is the ideal glider for you. Its launch behaviour is uncomplicated and harmonious, which ensures that novices will make rapid progress and gives advanced pilots peace of mind in difficult areas or in challenging launch conditions.

The MITO is everything you would want from a wing when you're starting out. Great launch characteristics, easy handling, great flight attributes and incredible safety. A wing designed to make the flying experience as seamless and safe as possible, while showing you the infinite potential of paragliding. What's not to like?

Aimed at the pilot who is learning or has just passed and wants to improve their flying in a safe way, the MITO ticks all the boxes.

The RAST system makes it an incredibly safe glider and also gives it amazing easy launch capabilities, whether it be forward or reverse launches in no, light or stronger wind conditions.

RRP: £2875.00

Mito Specifications