Arcus RS Lite

The name Arcus generates high expectations. It is linked inseparably with Swing and stands for a revolutionary paraglider design, which has given many thousands of paraglider pilots a safe and easy introduction into our captivating sport over a period of nearly 20 years. The Arcus RS Lite is the weight-optimised version of the popular Arcus RS.

The original Arcus from Swing broke the mold of DHV 1-2 gliders and was one of the pivotal gliders of its time. With the ARCUS RS Lite, Swing have once again revolutionised the low end B market, this time with a light model. The ARCUS RS Lite, as with its weightier sibling, takes passive safety to heights that haven't been seen before with performance and safety breakthroughs. Traditionally, you would expect this kind of safety level to compromise the performance but in fact, the opposite is true.

This intermediate wing is aimed at the vol biv pilot, the hike and fly pilot, the travelling pilot trying to keep the weight down but still requiring performance for XC, and those pilots who just want to lose a bit of weight! It is up to 1100g lighter than the ARCUS RS.

It is made of 32g and 27g materials, ensuring it packs down to a small, manageable volume. As with the ARCUS RS ,the ARCUS RS Lite comes with a plethora of new technologies and innovations, the biggest being the RAST system.

It launches as easily as the full fat model, be it a forward or reverse and is particularily adept at higher wind speed launches, again due to the RAST system. In flight the feeling is very similar to the Arcus RS, one of control, with good feedback through the brakes and agile turning. It delivers a stress free flight, even in thermic air with a feeling of control at all times.

Arcus RS Lite Specifications