Agera RS

The new Agera RS sees the introduction of the first EN-C glider to feature RAST! The Agera RS is now the go to glider if you want comfortable flying in 'big' air.

The AGERA RS comes in at the top of the C class and sits above where the Nexus used to be. It is a wing that has been designed from scratch, taking RAST and wing technologies to new levels. With unparallelled passive safety in turbulent air, high trim speed and solid performance, this wing is unique.

Don't be fooled though, this is a wing for the experienced pilot, or the XC hound. The AGERA RS requires a different style of flying, more so than with other wings, special attention to harness selection is required, as ultimately this plays a big part in how the wing handles. A seat-plated harness for effective weightshifting, and not too higher hang points will allow you to get the best results. In the air this wing really wants to fly, it bites into the air like a horse chomping at the bit, cutting into thermals with ease. Once established, it thermals beautifully with plenty of useful feedback along the way. The brakes are light and it turns best with some weightshift applied first. It also has a C bridge which works effectively for steering too. It has incredible pitch control, needing limited input when exiting a spiral or diving out of the back of a big thermal. The speedbar is smooth, light and a joy to use, giving the wing the feeling of even greater stability. This is a wing that definitely appreciates the use of the bar up to about half way, here you will find very little loss in sink rate. It does big ear, but due to its pseudo two liner design, not with a fantastic descent rate. Spirals and B lining works well though.

It is aimed at the experienced pilot who flies actively and is aware of what the wing is doing, being able to mitigate issues before they happen, or for those who are equipped with the knowledge to minimise any repercussions if they do. If you're an experienced XC hound or a pilot wanting to fly an EN D wing but want a high level of passive safety, this is the wing for you.

In terms of technologies and materials, it has the same new sail material as the NYOS RS and nitinol rods at the leading edge for that perfect profile every time you get it out of the bag. The RAST system and new line design really push the boundaries.

This wing isn't for everyone and you definitely have to be of a particular level to appreciate it, but if you're after a C glider with incredible passive safety, this is the wing for you.

Agera RS Specifications